Sports Sunday — Part I: M’s vs. Red Sox

Hey the M’s took two of three from the Red Sox!  It was a fun game to be at even though I left early to head to the Sonics’s playoff game.  With the win the M’s move out of last place in the American League West moving ahead of the Oakland A’s and a record of 15-22.  This is six games back in the division and seven back in the wild card.
The M’s jumped on Wakefield early and Meche pitched well enough to win 5-4.  There was a few homeruns in the game.  Olivo who had really been struggling for the M’s not only got his first hit in his last 28 at bats he also had a home run — his first of the year.  Manny Ramirez hit his career 400th homerun and David Ortiz hit a towering shot for the Sox.  In the game there was an interesting play at home where Ichiro should have been out by a mile but it looked as if he avoided the tag and then was able to jump over the catcher to touch homeplate safely.  He was called out however.  Everyone that I have talked to who saw the replay seem to think he was safe.  Oh well, the M’s still got the win.

Ichiro watch:  Ichiro had one hit in the game taking his career total to 977 in 671 games or a hit per game average of 1.456036.  This projects him getting his 1000th hit in game 686.7963 (still 6/3/05 against Tampa Bay) and a few games off of the record of doing it in game 683.


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