Sports Sunday — Part II: Sonics vs. Spurs

I left the M’s game a little over half way through because I needed to move from Safeco field over to the Seattle Center area.  I watched the last few innings while consuming a few cocktails in the Sport resturant and then I headed over to Key Arena for the Sonics vs. Spurs game four of the best of seven playoff series.  So far in the series the home team had won each game.  This game followed the pattern and the Sonics win!!  This sets up a best of three which will continue Tuesday night in San Antonio.  I will not be able to go to game six back in Seattle on Thursday.

The game itself was great.  You could really feel the playoff vibe.  It is fun to sit in the front row because you have a great view of what is going on all over the building and not just what is happening on the court.  The Sonics were up at half time and then continued the lead in the third quarter.  There were really banging out there and I really felt the refs made some bad calls.  At one point Fortson made a hard screen and was actually called for a charge that was very wrong.  With Lewis out for the Sonics a few players stepped up.  I swear every shot Ridnour threw up went down.  Ray Allen kept his game up.  The suprise, but should we really be suprised?? was Wilkins who 15 points in 32 mintues.  In the fourth quarter it looked like the Spurs gave up earlier.  Tim Duncan was out of the game and he ended up only playing 32 minutes despite the fact he had 35 points.  For most of the game he had half of the Spurs points.  A couple of times the Sonics were up over 20 in the second half but ended up winning 101 – 89. 



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