Game 20 at Safeco: M’s vs. Yankees

Even when the M’s went down four runs in the top of the first (including an A-Rod home run) I felt like on this Wednesday night the M’s could come back and win.  Two runs in the bottom of the first helped.  The two runs that the Yankees got in the top of the top of the fourth inning did have me doubting myself.  Two runs in the fifth and two runs in the sixth tied up the game for the M’s.  Both Moyer and Mussina only lasted five innings as the starting pitchers.  The surprise of the day was that the struggling bottom of the M’s batting order came through on offense and also on defense.  I was grumbling when Olivo came to the plate in the eight inning with Reed standing on third.  The lack of a back up catcher to replace Olivo was going to cost us I said to my dad but in the end he came through with a run that put the M’s on top 7-6.  As a side note, the M’s signed Pat Borders to a minor league contract where he was playing for the Brewers in AAA.  He will go to Tacoma and I am sure he will be with the M’s before the start of the game on Friday.  Borders who is now 42 actually started the year for the M’s last year when our starting catcher was hurt.  Beltre who got hurt the day before was out so Greg Dobbs got his first start of the year at third base.  Jeff Nelson who I kind of felt was left in too long got the win as the pitcher for the M’s.  Ron Villone came in for a save.  I have no idea where "every day Eddie" was.  Why he was not closing is confusing to me.  I sat in right field which is a place I had never sat at Safeco.  It was a different view, indeed.  The biggest downfall was that you cannot see the big screen which is actually a big part of the game given the information that is conveyed, along with the hit tricks and hydro races.  I also notice a lot of good looking guys and gals all around my age which is something you do not see in the charter seats where it is mostly older married people.  The were still a lot of empty seats.  It looked about as empty as Monday but there were more people there than there was on Tuesday.
With the win the M’s are still tied for third with the A’s in the AL West.  They are also still seven games back in the division.  They moved to 7.5 back in the wild card.  I almost want to say that this is where they make the turn — they did stop the Yankee’s 10 game winning streak but the red hot Padres are coming to town for a little inter-league play.  Go figure, but the Padres are the M’s rival in the National League so we play them every year.

Ichiro watch:  Ichiro went 1-4.  This gives him 979 hits in 674 games.  This gives him 1.452522 hits per game and projects him out to game 688 (688.4576) for his 1000th hit.  He continues to go in the wrong direction to tie or break the record of the quickest to 10000.


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