Congratulations to Janna and Grant.

Today I went to Janna and Grant’s wedding.  Janna is the same age as my sister and left her mom and sister and moved in with my family for her junior and senior year of high school.  She was an active athlete and went to the state tournament in multiple sports.  Four games into her college basketball career she had to have surgery on her right knee.  A staph infection caused permanent damage to her knee and her college basketball career was over.  In 1996 she saw her first wheelchair basketball game when she was volunteering at the Paralympics in Atlanta.  Two years later she playing with team USA as part of the wheelchair team.  She went on to compete with team USA in Sydney in 2000 and then last summer in Athens where they won the gold medal.  She has also traveled the world and competed in the World championships.  The last few years she played with the U of IL team and that is where she met Grant.  Whereas Janna still can walk, Grant was in a auto accident in Australia and had loss the use of his legs.  He had seen Janna at tournaments and then got to know her at U. of IL.  After he also medaled in Athens where team Australia got the silver they announced they were going to get married and live in Sydney.
Today was a great wedding.  The weather cooperated making it a great day on the Point Defiance grounds in Tacoma, WA.  Attached is a photo of the lovely couple.  I wish them well.  Thanks for the invite to share your special day.


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