Some days it is not all bills in the mailbox

Wednesday was a great day to get the mail.
Firs and foremost there was an invite for the wedding reception of Lisa Murphy and Amritansh Raghar.  Somehow I failed to blog about the fact that they were married because I was in Vegas at the end of March while they were getting married in India.  Lisa is someone I met through work a few years ago and she is a great and special women.  She always makes me laugh with her wit and she can really brighten your day.  I wish those two a long and happy life together.  It should be a fun party here in Seattle.  Thank you for the invitation Mr. & Mrs. Raghar.

The second thing I got in the mail was a tee-shirt.  A couple of months ago I ordered a few shirts from Angelwear.  Angelwear takes designs done by celebrities and sells the designs on shirts for charities.  They have a lot of musicians and actors on their list.  I bet you will find a celebrity or a design that you will find interesting.  They have lots of styles and colors.  In addition to shirts they also do boxer shorts, pajamas, and cards.  When I placed my order a package came right away but it only had one of the two shirts I had ordered.  At the time I could not remember if I had order one or two shirts because there was one that I was kind of debating when I ordered.  Later I looked at my VISA bill and looked to see that I had ordered more than one.  At that point I was kind of pissed because they had not sent me my full order.  Being that it was a charity and it was only around $20 I kind of wrote it off.  When I got the package in the mail it was almost like my birthday or Christmas.  It was great to get the second shirt.  Thanks Angelwear.  I wish you would have included a invoice or a note about the shipments coming separately in the original package.  I now have my Jerry Cantrell and Anthony Kiedis shirts!!


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