Another week of vacation!!!

In the company I work for after 13 years you get a fifth week of vacation.  My start date was 8/23/93 but today I get my fifth week.    For many years in the company they had a policy of X years or Y technical level to move you up in the amount of vacation you got.  If you hit Y level before year X you lucked out and went from two weeks to three weeks.  As luck would have it just about the time X = Y for me they changed the policy to just be time based.  Someone new to the company started with three weeks but I quickly hit fours so I did not care.  So back to the issue at hand.  If I have not even hit 12 years in the company how am I know going from four weeks to five weeks of vacation a year?  Well the simple answer is internships.  If there was less than nine months between the time you left an internship and the time you started full time (or another internship) then that time counted toward your total time in the company.  There was about a month and a half window between the end of my last internship and when I started full time.  My last internship which was supposed to last a summer got extended to a full year while I interned and still went to college.  The summer before that I had done another internship so it all added up.
Now that I have five weeks, I can also carry over up to five weeks into the next year.  If I opted to take no vacation out of the corporate holidays I could have 10 weeks of vacation every other year.  How cool would that be?

The question of course would be where should I go?  If you got great ideas on vacation spots or if you want me to come visit you just leave a comment off of this blog entry.


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2 Responses to Another week of vacation!!!

  1. PATRICIA says:

    Cos Bay Oregon – my favorite place to play. Stopping by to say hello and ~Happy Guestbook Signing Day~

  2. LegoHamlet says:

    I\’m sure you mean your start date was 08/23/93, otherwise you would have started after I left which would have made it very hard for you to have been my hiring manager. 🙂

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