In this case all good things must come to an end for Howard

So if you have not been reading my blog, my buddy Howard Lo as been part of a reality TV show in Singapore that has aired for the last two months or so.  The premise was that 12 guys were trying to attract the attention of one women, in this case super model/MTV VJ Denise Keller with the reward being a trip to Europe with Denise.  Howard to no surprise to me made it to the final three of the “Eye for a Guy” #2 TV show but as these reality shows go there was a twist and while all of the original 12 guys had been Asian, as was Denise, they brought in a guy from Sweden and a guy that basically spent his time between the UK and Germany.  From this five Howard survived to be in the final two against Wolfgang, one of the new additions.  While I have yet to see a copy of the final episode, we have been getting secret copies of the show here in Seattle where there have been viewing parties to root Howard on I know that he was not chosen in the end.  Actually they kind of gave away the ending in part one of the finale last week when they showed an Enquirer like photo of Denise walking hand in hand on a beach in Bali.  This of course is in direct violation of the contract that all of the people on the show had signed and to Howard’s credit he had not tipped his hand as to what the outcome would be or how he was doing.
I am bummed that Howard was not chosen because he is a great guy and Denise seems like a good person.  Wolfgang to me seems kind of like a jerk and while I might tend to just be a bit biased it is strange to see that none of the other people on the show have really had anything good to say about him in their blog entries for the show.  I on the show he was depicted as this perfect kind of guy with no faults and always the right answer or complement.  He is also a “rich” investment banker who having just met Denise bought her an expensive, yet not really that special looking if you ask me, necklace from Cartier.
In one of Howard’s last blog entries for the show he talked about how he has been approached a lot by people be they on the street or at work who have asked him if he won which has to be hard because film had been done for awhile and he had to patiently just wait for it all to play out on the television airwaves.  This has to be rough.  You hear that other shows like survivor they keep them sequestered in a nice hotel or something while filming continues but in Howard’s case they did most of the filming on weekends and when the show started to air it was not completed yet but then he must have had at least three or four weeks where he knew the outcome but could say nothing.  He has been able to come to terms with this but now has to go through everyone else in his life coming to terms with it (I guess myself included).  That really sucks for him.
I do hope that he takes advantage his time from the show.  Over the first seven episodes we really got a look into how he would court a women and at the same time the emotions that one goes through like moving from she’s cute, to a crush, to even falling in love.  I am sure others have talked to him about the method to his madness which may or may not be that fair given how they edit TV shows and it is sometimes more interesting to see what was left on the cutting room floor.  Just as if you tend to learn and grow from any relationship I hope Howard takes the comments from others with a grain of salt.  To drastically change things about ones approach to romance might change who you are.  I have kind of stayed quite about my thoughts about what I have seen because I know if Howard wants my critique all he has to do is ask.  The guy had a lot of guts to go on TV and then show and share his personal relationship with a TV audience.  Imagine getting to know someone and thinking about that first kiss or even signs of affection, verb or otherwise, with a cameraman and sound guy standing close by.  Let alone make-up and wardrobe people.  Despite the fact it is “reality” television it seems a bit surreal.
I am sure if you asked Howard he would say that he would do it again, even with all of the range of emotions that are involved.  I know he made some new friends because of this which is always a good thing.  If I am reading the internet rumors correctly there is now going to be “Eye for a Lady” or something like that and some are even saying that Howard could be the guy that 12 women are after.  As much as I think that would be fun to see I almost do not want Howard to do this – it might just go to his head!  Just kidding Howard (if you are reading this).


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