Game 33: Phillies vs. M’s

Well last night the M’s had the chance to go for the sweep.  There really did not feel like much of a buzz at the game that the sweep was on.  Honestly I spent a far amount of an early part of the game trying to complete my deck of trading cards for the game.  They give you 20 unique cards and then seven cards of the same player you needed to trade with others to complete your set.  Contrary to what they have done in earlier years where everyone got 1-20 and you just needed to trade your #27 with six other people to complete your set getting back 21-28 this year you it was totally random.  I got a pack where there were 7 #2 cards and my friend got 7 #27 card.  I need #2-9 to complete my pack where as she needed #8-15 to complete hers.  Right away we could not even trade with each other to complete our packs.  It was kind of annoying.  Fortunately, the great usher in my section, Jerry, had a stack of over 100 cards and I was able to get most of what I needed for both of our packs.  Through the power of text messaging others at the game I was able to find the elusive Brett Boone card that I needed – I am sure others were looking for the Randy Winn card that I had a hard time getting rid of.
Back to the game.  I am not sure what really to write.  I think it was my first extra innings game of the year.  I was hoping we would get to the 14th for the second “7th inning stretch” but the game ended in the 13th with the Phillies winning 3-2.  I must say that Billy Wagner throws really hard and it is too bad we do not have him as a closer, although Guardado has done well this year for the M’s.  I kind of think we should have won this one but an misplay in the outfield and an error cost the M’s the victory.  In the bottom of the 13th Dave Hansen was pinch hit for by Willie Bloomquist.  Is this really the best we have?  I guess Beltre must really be hurt if he cannot even come up to hit.  Morse might have been the highlight for the M’s going 3-5 with a walk.   Pineiro pitched well for the M’s but he only had one strike out but also no walks.  Mateo got the loss.
The M’s are now 28-36 and 8.5 games back in the AL West to the Angles.  The are 9 games back of Minnesota in the Wild Card.


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