M’s vs. Mets — Friday night

Friday night and I was back at Safeco field.  The Met’s were in in town for the first time ever and I had a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth because we had not swept the Phillies.  The M’s play against Padreo who is 13-0 against the M’s but tonight we have the soft throwing Ishii.  On the way in the door you got a gift card from Home Depot that is worth some value between $1 and $1000.  Gift card giveaways are fun because you can re-gift them (Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!).  At the game via phone calls or people I bumped into I seemed to talking to more people out and about in the park instead of sitting in my seat.  Mike Cameron came out to exchange lineups for the Mets and it was fun to see him again.  Ichiro hit a three run homerun in the second to give the M’s the early lead.  Brian Daubach played in his first game of the year for the Mets and he got hit hard in the eigth or maybe it was the ninth by Jeff Nelson who came in after Jamie Moyer had pitched a scoreless 7 2/3 innings.  On the M’s side it was the first game where we saw Lopez up for the M’s. He played shortstop most of last year and was down in Tacaoma but he had been hurt for awhile where he had been playing second base this year.  Tonight he played third but rumor has it that they are going to set down Boone and Lopez is going to play second for awhile.  Lopez went two for four with a double, a steal, and a RBI.
In the end the M’s beat the Mets 5-0.  They are on a roll but they are really not gaining any ground in the division or wild card race.  We need to beat up on AL teams instea of the NL teams we have been doing so at home.


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