The Insomniac Tour with Dave Attell

Sunday night found me at the Moore Theatre for the Insomniac tour with Dave Attell from Comedy Central TV.  For the $31 value it was well worth a few hours of laughs.  The show started at 7:36 pm and other than a 15 minute intermission it ran to a little after 10 pm.  Sitting there I am reminded just how much I enjoy comedy and need to laugh a lot more than I do.  I remember sitting in the Moore a few years ago for an Eddie Izzard show thinking the same thing so I guess I am slow to make a lifestyle change that might get me to see more comedians perform.  I really do not even watch comedy central all that much and I guess I could even be doing that.
First up was Sean Rouse.  He did a great job.  He has a really small part in the movie “Men in Black II” as an MIB agent.  I am not sure if he has a bum leg all of the time or if he just hurt it recently but he was hobbling around on the stage, almost in pain.
Next up was Doug Stanhope.  He was one of the hosts of "The Man Show".  At one point in his act I think Doug said he had just joined or maybe it was rejoined the tour two stops ago in Boise (with Portland being the next stop before Seattle) and I could not convince myself he really was having a good time.  One thing was that there were many people hooping and hollering in the crowd.  Sean did a fairly good job with them but there seemed to be more people that felt like they wanted to say something or be heard in Doug’s set.  I never seems to surprise me with the number of people who think that they need to be as funny as the comedian that they have paid to see and need to start a dialog with the performer even when they are in the second or third tier balcony.  The problem continued into Attell’s set. Doug has some funny stuff and while is more of a story teller than a joke teller he has an interesting perspective on life and how people should live their lives that was fun to listen to.
Last up was Dave Attell who did a fine job.  He is a regular on Comedy Central.  I am not sure we got to see most of his act because he seemed to get sidetracked a lot by the people interjecting their comments from the audience.  All and all it was a good show and if you live in Denver, Phoenix, or along the West Coast you should try and catch his act before it end in Vegas the first weekend in July.
It was not until the very end that any of the performers smoked on stage.  You could see smoke billowing from the side of the stage for most of the show.  Doug had a Budweiser in hand during his set (they are the main sponsor of the tour).  At the end all three comedians came out on stage and were drinking Jägermeister along with most of the front row of the crowd.  Jägermeister is used in a few jokes in Attell’s set.  Attell tosted the troops overseas.  Sean toasted the late Mitch Hedberg and Doug toasted Dave.  They also filmed a bit of the crowd and what was happening on stage.  It will be interesting to see if and when they use that video.


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