Three games for the M’s against Oakland

Ok I suck (and so do the M’s to some extent).  Normally I will have one entry per game but I fell so far behind this week that I am going to combined the three games the M’s played against Oakland that I attended (it was a four game series).
Tuesday night it was Ken Griffey statue giveaway night completing the three statue giveaway remembering the “magical” 1995 season – it’s the 10th anniversary you know.    Rich Harden vs. Joel Pinerio.  Harden was in his first start coming off of a long injury but you would not know it.  It seemed like he just switched from throwing 94 mph to 96 mph the whole game.  Pinerio pitched well but had a bit of trouble in the second and third innings including giving D. Johnson his first home run.  The M;s bats looks lost and they lost 4-2. 
Wednesday was a fun game.  Those people that left early I am sure were kicking themselves a bit.  With the loss on Tuesday Oakland had taken the first two and after eight innings it was 3-1 Oakland.  The M’s came back in the bottom of the ninth scoring two runs to take it to extra innings.  Brett Boone who had been working on his hitting off of a tee was back in the lineup after sitting for I think four games.  He had a great sac bunt in the ninth to get the runners in scoring position.  Both Barry Zito and Jamie Moyer pitched well to start but both left after 7.1 innings.  Oakland scored a run in the top of the 12th to make it 4-3 but then they fell apart in the bottom of the inning.  Borders led off with a single.  Ichiro hit the ball back to the pitcher who turned to throw to second but he threw it almost at the groin of shortstop Bobby Crosby who not only was hurt a bit also dropped the ball so two runners were now on.  Winn singled and Borders show no signs of being a catcher at age 42 scored.  Beltre got out and the Sexson came to the plate and hits Ichiro so the M’s win 5-4.  Guardado who was on the line for the loss gets the win making him 1-1 for the year.  Glynn got the lost for Oakland.
Thursday was a 1:35 pm day game.  If the M’s win they can go 7-3 for the home stand.  This was not the case however as they looked as bad at the plate as they did on Tuesday.  The day was nice and sunny but Saaloos goes the distance for Oakland and rained on the M’s parade, shutting them out.  This is par for the course for poor Franklin who pitched well in the game but again gets no run support.  All five runs where his but Hasegawa did not help in him out in relief.  Oakland ended up with 16 for 5 runs to the M’s 4 hits.

The M’s are now 32-39 and are just barely third place in the division only because Oakland has played one more game which they lost.  They are 10 games out of the divisional lead and only nine games out of the Wild Card currently chasing Baltimore.  More Interleague is now on hand as they head to play the first place in the NL West Padres who the M’s took two of three of here in Seattle this year.


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