Thoughts on the movie “Rebound”

Last night I saw preview screening of the film, Rebound  What follows are my thoughts on the movie and not really a review.  It also may contain spoilers so do not say you have not been warned.
Rebound  is the new comedy from Martin Lawrence.  Unless you have kids I think you should wait to rent it.  It was funny in parts but I seem to notice more people not laughing than laughing.  Lawrence plays a basketball coach that while he has been winning in the past has had some losing times and also has a temper problem.  While band from coaching his time he is invited to coach at his old middle school which he is convinced to do for the PR.  At first he does nothing put sit on a chair and watch.  After being called out as a bad coach on national TV when the middle school loses by over 100 points he takes more of an interest in the team and by the end of the movie of course he is in love with the team and coaching middle school basketball.  The stars of the film are of course also the kids who do a good job in their parts but the cast as a whole has many people you have seen in other movies or TV shows.  Horatio Sanz from SNL plays his assistant coach.  Patrick Warburton (mostly know as Puddy on Seinfeld) plays an opposing coach with a chip on his shoulder and almost steals a few scenes.  Alia Shawkat from the TV show Arrested Development has a minor role as a kid reporter/stats person for the team.  Megan Mullay of Will & Grace fame, plays the school principal.  Wendy Raquel Robinson plays Lawrence’s love interest in the film as a teacher and one of the parents of a player on the team.
Overall at 1:20 the movie seemed short.  There were many subplots that seem to be underdeveloped and it felt as if they had been left on the cutting room floor more than completely developed.  I think if you see it you will laugh.  I might be worth a matinee price but I would not pay $8 to see it.


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