Thoughts on the movie “The Island”

Tonight thanks to my membership in SIFF I got to attend a preview screening of the movie The Island which stars Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson.  I should say that it was a working print that was lacking the final music, a month of special effects, and was not cut down to the final running time but even with all of that in mind I would say it was a great film.  Great in the sense that it is that fun summer popcorn movie I have been looking to see.  It has great elements of action, a little sci-fi (taking place in the future), and a great set of actors.
I would really recommend that you go out and see it when it comes out at the end of the month.  I think it has enough elements to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.  There are a few holes in the plot but if you just ignore them and enjoy the action I think you might really enjoy the movie.  I am kind of surprised there has not been more buzz about this film yet.
Ewan and Scarlett have some good chemistry.  I still cannot believe that Scarlett will not be 21 years old until November of this year.  She seems so much older.  I read somewhere that she likes to date much older guys.  While I am sure I am too old if you are Googling your name Scarlett and are going to be in the Seattle area I would be more than happy to treat you to dinner somewhere .   Steve Buscemi has a great role in the film as does Djimon Hounsou who does not seem to gotten enough good roles since Amistad.
I am electing not to talk about the plot for this film but as a Microsoft shareholder I will make the comment that they do have some product placement.  XBOX is seen in the viturual fighting and MSN Search is used for a information directory lookup although it is hard to believe that many years into the future that the MSN butterfly will still be the logo of MSN.  Also Microsoft Research was in the "special thanks" section in the credits.

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5 Responses to Thoughts on the movie “The Island”

  1. 元宝 says:

    很高兴认识你。glad to know you.

  2. Howard says:

    Oooh… I do love Scarlett Johansson…

  3. Gabriel says:

    sorry if I can\’t understand all of wath is written on your blog thare are a lot of limitations in my English…However from the few lines I\’ve read I understand thath you like PJ , Rhcp, and all the music that i like…I would come from Siattle too to go to see Mcready playng sometimes…come to visit my space, but sorry, it\’s in italian!

  4. miki says:

    hello !!!

  5. Unknown says:

    steve buscemi is completely underrated. he is also one of the biggest reasons i\’m beating down prepubescent scarlett/ewan fanatics for the front of the line on opening night.

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