The search for a house has started

So by every stretch of the imagination I should have done this years ago but this last weekend I finally started the journey of buying my first home.  I am not a shopper by nature and Lord knows I have no great sense for it.  I generally like to do a lot of research before I go in on any big purchase where a big purchase is something over a few hundred dollars in price range.  Given the factors of two or more bedrooms and something more than one bath my realtor and I set out on the search on Saturday.  Exploring the Queen Anne and Magnolia neighborhoods we looked at 14 different properties.  Some of the things I have thought it would be nice to have is some sort of a view, be it of the Sound or maybe more importantly some of the mountains.  Some of the places had great views and what I started to realize was that I really wanted a big basement or a big rec-room.  I have a big 67 inch widescreen HDTV TV and all of a sudden this became an important factor as to if I was interested in a place or not.  If there was not a room that had room for it then it really did not make the cut.  It was strange to think that this would be a consideration in what I was looking for.  I am sure that for some I could make due with a nice large plasma or a projector but for now it is a factor I am considering.  This was one thing that I never even considered when I started the process.  My realtor was quick to point out things like old electric in homes that did not have a ground plug (the standard three prong plug) in homes that would need updating or that would turn up on an inspection.  We saw some great homes with hard wood floors or where the floors where there under the carpet.  One of the turn offs for me was where they had a basement but they were only eight or so feet ceilings.  This left things a little closterphobic.  I was suprised to find two houses on the first day that had pools.  I am not sure how I really feel about having a pool, especially in Seattle where we do not have a lot of sunny days but I found that I would not exclude them from my search.  The end of the first day I saw two that I kind of liked (nothing must have — I need to really understand what I could get for my money) with one being only like a block from Discovery Park which would be fun in and of itself.
Sunday it was Greenlake area.  Some had views of the lake or the park.  One even had a view of Mt. Rainer if you looked at the window of the walk in closet and looked between two trees.    I also saw some remondels and it was cool to see some brand new properties in my price range.  One even had a coaxial cable outlet right above the fireplace along with AC for a plasma TV.  We looked at nine houses and liked about three of them.  One you could tell there would most likely be a bidding war on.  Mentally I am not ready for that and I still do not feel that must have kind of feel yet.  Greenlake, at least the houses that we looked at here more modern homes.  I have a feeling that there is a good chance I would have to do a kitchen remodel in whatever I get.  Maybe this is just what I was focused on to some degree but I think I would want more modern appliances and a double oven almost seems to be like a must have in this day and age.  Also I still have seen a few unfinished basements.  Some DIY will be in my future or more likely help from my family members who have done some construction and wiring in the past.

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