Secret Machines and Kings of Leon

Last Saturday night I went to the Kings of Leon show with Secret Machines opening.
Secret Machines is supposed to be one of those "next big thing" bands from Europe but I did not really get that vibe from them at all.  I was down front and I still could not hear the vocals all that well from them.  If you have not seen them they are a drummer, guiitar player and a lead singer who switches between keyboards and bass guitar on their songs.  They have songs that remind you a lot of Pink Floyd.  I think the most impressive thing about them was actually of the lights they used as part of the act.  Having lots of lights including a light bar on the floor in front of the monitors that shown back on the band where part of their set.  On one of their songs they had constant strobe lights going for almost the lenght of the song.
King of Leon did not disappoint.  I will have to admit that I am kind of a bandwagon jumper when it comes to the band.  I do not have any of the stuff other than the latest CD and I only saw them when they came to town to open for U2.  Honestly I was hoping that Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam would come out and sing on a song with them but it did not.  They show as really fun even the older songs that I did not know were rock’in and those around me that knew the words to every song were having a great time.  I was standing in front of Matthew who plays lead guitar and is the youngest in the group at 18 or so.  I never notice just how good of a guitar player he is for his age.  He is one of the main reasons their songs sound so good.  I am kind of amazed that he does not try and put himself in the spotlight more with a guitar solo or two.  You see his cousin on bass jumping around all of the time but he does not seem to really react much at all.
All and all it was a good time and Kings of Leon played a long and fun set.  Check them out the next time they come to your town.

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  1. Unknown says:

    So who did you end up going with seeing as your little brother is a massive tool and effed up seeing the show with you?I\’d like to make a formal internet appology to my brother. He has been nothing but giving to everyone he knows and I was a total ass to him. It\’s my fault for not realizing that I double booked on sat and I should have canceled with my friends. I love seeing shows with my brother and I hope that we see many more in the future.Aaron I\’m sorry.-drew

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