Walk on Ladies, walk on!

On one corners of the property for the company I work for is kind of a main intersection just a block or so off of a freeway exit.  It is also unique that people will stop and take pictures there all of the time.  People who work for the company will go and have their pictures taken there when their family comes to town.  I have seen tourist taking pictures there.  Also news crews when a big story breaks about the company will also set up shop their to do filming.  This morning when I drove by there were two women out there both wearing pink and I could see they had badges hanging from their neck but the most interesting thing was this silver foil blanket like thing they were wrapped in.  They were doing high kicks and waving.  I glanced back it looked like someone was taken their picture across the street.  At lunch I had to run some errands and low and behold there were hundreds of women in pink walking along the street and through that intersection.  They all were wearing badges and many had what I realized where the themeral blankets (light weight and silver foil) I then realized what it was.  It is the 3-D walk for breast cancer.  Across the country every summer in many major cities women will go on a three day walk in support of raising funds for breast cancer research.  My mom and sister have both participated in this cause in the past and I was a witness to a closing ceremony one year which was simply amazing where all of these families where cheering on their mom, wives, and sisters.  First to come in where the breast cancer survivors and then everyone else that had finished the walk.  There is lots of crying and cheering and hugging.
This year the Seattle walk (I am not certian but I think it is 20 miles each day) started at Lake Sammamish State Park and worked its way up through Bellevue and Redmond and as such by my work.  The second day the walk wraps around the top of Lake Washington and the women end their day in the Shoreline area.  The last day they make their way enjoying views of the Puget Sound and along Lake Union ending with the big celebration at Magnuson Park.
You can find more information about the 3-day walks on their main website.  If the event has not happened in your city and you are a women I encourage you to get out their and do some fundraising and walk!  If you cannot walk the distance or are a guy like me, volunteer!  They need people to help along the route every day.  People to help move the gear, people to cook the meals, the list goes on and on.
Congrats to the women in the Seattle area who are walking this year.  I was the guy who was clapping and screaming out of my sunroof of my car when I drove by today.  Walk on Ladies, walk on!

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