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4384 days and counting

I just realized that 8/23 was yesterday and that means the start of another year in the company I work for.  I have now worked there 4384 days (4829 if you include my internships).  I never thought I would be … Continue reading

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Coldplay at White River Amphitheatre

Last Tuesday I was able to see Coldplay at White River Amphitheatre.  Needless to say it was a great show.  I was kind of in a bad mood by the time I got down to the amphitheatre.  I actually had … Continue reading

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I am tired of high gas prices

Well I am clearly not the first person to complain about this but putting $40 into my tank and not filling it completely is not fun at all.  In the Seattle area it is generally know that ARCO has the … Continue reading

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Get your ID and a doctor’s note ready the next time you have a cold

Back in January I blogged about how frustrating it was to try and get sudafed at a local drugstore when I had a cold.  In the drive home tonight I heard that there will be even more hoops to jump … Continue reading

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Excel experts

Outside of those that work across the lake on Excel I would say that John is one of the Excel experts.  I have apprechiated his work since 1993 with Excel 5.0 (well really 4.0 but 5.0 was released late in … Continue reading

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It takes two weeks to establish a habit…

They say it takes two weeks to establish a habit but only two days to break it.  It seems like as of late I have been really busy and have not really blogged at all in a few weeks and … Continue reading

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