Get your ID and a doctor’s note ready the next time you have a cold

Back in January I blogged about how frustrating it was to try and get sudafed at a local drugstore when I had a cold.  In the drive home tonight I heard that there will be even more hoops to jump through in the near future.  In Oregon a law just went into affect that you now have to have a prescription from your doctor to get drugs like sudafed.  Personally I think that this is bad government.  It is going to cost families money and time as they go to see a doctor when they know exactly what they need to help with their suffering.  I bet insurance rates will also be effected by this.
In Washington we have a law that goes on the books soon where you will need to show identification at time of the purchase of sudafed.  I am really not sure what this is going to do other than just get me frustrated.  I already get frustrated when I have to pull out my ID to buy alcohol — I looking nothing close to 21 years old, so I am not going to be happy when I already have a stuffed up head and I have to pull out ID just to get cold medicine.  The goal of course is to make it harder for those that need the ingredients for making meth and from what I read in Oregon the use is kind of high but must have my head in the ground here because you do not read about big met lab busts in Washington state.  I guess this is what progress is all about. 

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  1. J says:

    I know that it sounds really overbearing and evil. It is, however, a direct response to the rise of Meth labs. The extra hoops are meant to make it harder for criminals to get thier hands on the raw ingrediants to produce Meth. Don\’t blame the government blame the crooks.

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