I am tired of high gas prices

Well I am clearly not the first person to complain about this but putting $40 into my tank and not filling it completely is not fun at all.  In the Seattle area it is generally know that ARCO has the least expensive gas as long it is not a station next to a major freeway but even at $2.79 for premium gas is just too much.
I am going to look harder at taking the bus to work even if I have to walk blocks and be a bit inconvenienced by the fact that I will not be able to live my own time table.

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1 Response to I am tired of high gas prices

  1. J says:

    Yeah high gas prices suck. They are not going to go back down though. Europe has been paying over $4 a gallon for a long time now. What is really needed is an alternative to gas. Pressure congress to spend more $$ researching Hydrogen power as an alternative to gas.

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