I wish Apple/iTunes would quit spamming me!

I got a few free downloads for iTunes by buying Slurpees over the summer.  iTunes are a hassle though becuase you have to burn them to a CD and then rip them back to play them via my Zen Micro.  Anyway I must have opted into some newsletters from Apple because they started to appear in my in-box.  At first I thought well I can just click on the unsubscribe link becuase Apple would indeed honor my wishes and not send me any more email.  This coudl not be further from the turth!  I have even thought to wait awhile before complaining but enough is enough.  Apple please stop sending me any info about iTunes or artists or new songs.  I do not care!!   Apple you suck!  Who is the "Robert Scoble" of Apple that I can complain to so they stop sending me emails????

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Just trying to get by
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