Let’s go T-Birds

Well I missed the season home opener for the T-Birds last Saturday where the 2004-05 US division champion banner was raised but I was in the building tonight as the T-Birds took on the Saskatoon Blades in their second home game.   The Blades took an early lead in the first period on a goal by ex-Thunderbird Aaron Bader.  The second period was a scoreless period but in the third the Blades scored two more giving the T-Birds a 3-0 loss.  This points the T-Birds on a six game losing streak which is not a good way to start the year.  On the strange front the T-Birds coach is stuck in Canada.  He is having problems with his work visa and as such he has been watching the games on the net and giving his advise between periods.  When the games are up North he has been able to travel to the games.  The T-Birds are 1-4-1-1.  This year the WHL has shootout to resolve ties.  They also have changed many rules such as eliminating the two line pass and checking in front of the goal.  This has really spead up the game but the jury is still out if it is going to really run up the scores.  Even with only one win this year the Birds are only 4 point out of first place.  They will really start to be able to make up ground on the division once the Eastern division stops beating up on them.

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