T-Birds vs. Silvertips

Friday night I was in Key Arena for the T-Birds vs. the Everett Silvertips hockey match.  The tips took a 1-0 lead in the first period and then another early in the second period but the T-Birds responded with two their own in the second period — both by the captain, Chris Durand.  It looked like we were going to go into overtime but Ryan Gibbons scored a goal with about a minute in a half left in the third period and the T-Birds were able to hold on for the win.  Starting in the second period the T-Birds skated a lot better than I had seen them do in previous games.  They also were hitting a lot harder tonight.  The T-Birds are in forth (last place) in the US division with a record of 2-5-1-1.  They are however only four points out of first place.  Speaking of overtime if you are unaware there has been a rule change this year in the Western Hockey League, which I guess you could get from the record.  In perivous years if the game was in a tie after three periods there would be a 20 minute overtime sudden death period where both teams played with only four players.  In the playoffs they would just keep playing 20 minute overtime periods.  This year they play a five minute overtime period which is still sudden death.  After that they move to shootouts.  In the past you would only get the shootout on the rare penelty.  So for those unaware the record is as fallows wins-losses-overtime losses-shootout losses.
Tonight it was great to get a divisional win.  Saturday night Portland is in town. 
One more item of note is that the T-Birds coach is still stuck in Canada still waiting on a work VISA to bring him back to the states.

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