Help me wish Christine a Happy Birthday

Today, 10/24 is my friend Christine’s birthday.  The problem is I have kind of lost touch with her since she moved out of Seattle about a year or so ago.  If anyone knows how to get a hold of Christine, first please wish her a happy birthday and then tell her I am on the look out for her.  The only email address I have for her is a hotmail account but I am sure she has moved off of that.  Here is some personal data on her that can also be found on the internet but hopefully some search engine will pick this up and just in case she is using MSN or Google this posting will show up on the list.
Christine Kirchner also known as Christine G. Kirchner or for a full name Christine Grace Kirchner.  She grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY.  She went to college at Radford University where she was a gymnast.  She also has a MBA but I cannot remember from where.  The last thing I knew she was living in Charlotte, NC.  She might be working for Vangaurd.  She is also active in Junior League.
Hopefully enought of those keywords will be a hit for a search engine and we can reconnect again.  I attached a photo from August of 2003 of CK which really does not do her justice but it was handy.

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