The Chronicles of Narnia

When I was a kid we had the boxed set of C.S. Lewis novels that made up The Chronicles of Narnia.  If I recall I struggled through The Lion, the Witch, and  the Wardrobe.  I may have read another book but I did not get close to getting through the whole series.  With the Disney version of the first book coming out soon, in movie form,  I picked up the whole set in one bound book and really enjoyed the whole series some 20-25 years later.  The book is actually different than the boxed set in that The Magician’s Nephew is listed first even though it was the last book in the series that Lewis wrote.  He always intended that it be first.
Did you know that C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien were friends?  Two writers sitting around drinking in the pub talking about the interesting and mystical worlds they were creating.
It should be fun to see the movie.  I hope they get the special effects right.  I have read recently that they are having some problems with the music for the movie.  A CD with religious tendencies has already been release with the name that the music was inspired by the movie.  The problem is that if the movie has too strong of religious ties it may alienate large segments of the viewing audience.  Why cannot people enjoy movies for the entertainment value and not look deeply into things??

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