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Still looking for a XBOX 360

I decided a long time ago not to do a pre-order of the XBOX 360 because I could not image that Microsoft would not produce enough to satisfy the demand especially if they were going to launch before the holiday … Continue reading

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New house photos

I do not think these really do the place justice and it should look a lot better once there is stuff in it but my parents stopped by while I was waiting for all of the services to be connected … Continue reading

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Baby it’s cold outside

Today when I was driving to work I noticed that puddles have frozen over or perhaps a better way of saying this was that they were still frozen over (it was after 10 am).  I believe winter has finally arrived … Continue reading

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Let’s tax gas saving cars more!

While driving around today I head the story about how the US Chamber of Commerce has on its list of proposals the idea that we should tax owners of hybrids and other fuel-efficient vehicles because they use less gas and … Continue reading

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Huskies vs. Vandals

Tuesday night I was in Hec Ed to see how the UW Huskies would fair against the U. of Idaho Vandals.  The Dawgs had just moved into the top 25 at #25 and the Vandals had just come off of … Continue reading

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Gwen Stefani concert

Monday night found me in Key Arena for the Gwen Stefani concert with MIA.  I was honestly surprised by the number of mother/daughter combinations in the crowd.  There were lots of moms with two or three junior high or younger … Continue reading

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Craig Biggio is the 2005 Hutch Award winner

The press releases will be out tomorrow but readers of my blog can learn about it hear first that Craig Biggio of the Houston Astros is the 2005 Hutch Award winner.  Biggio has been a solid player over the years … Continue reading

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Trailers before Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

My blog has become kind of boring as of late (was it ever interesting?),  I have lost track of the number of movies that I have not written about but I have seen.  Many people have already said alot about … Continue reading

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Huskies vs. Falcons

Well today was Apple Cup Saturday and it was good to see the Huskies win.  Ok they did not win the football game bu they did win on the basketball court.  At the game it was kind of dead.  The … Continue reading

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Welcome Leland Micheal Stepaniuk

My friends Brian & Melissa Stepaniuk welcomed into the world Leland Micheal on Monday 11/14 around 3 pm.  He was seven pounds seven ounces.   Because the Cougs did beat my beloved Huskies in the Apple cup today I will … Continue reading

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