John is the newest cast member at WDW

The plan less than two years ago was that John was going to work for me as a software test manager but then I stepped down from my group test manger position and John retired from the company.  He moved to Florida to work on his new home and today I found out he is one of the newest cast members at Walt Disney World!  I guess you can be retried only so long.  John is now a "Monorail Pilot" which just has to be a dream job for John.  He was always a big Disney fan and he also was big in to trains and such.  I cannot wait for my next trip down there to see him in action.  The next time you are at Walt Disney World look for pilot John Dauphiny.  They have those name tags that tell you where a cast member is from and there should be one which says one of the Eastside cites like Bellevue or Woodinville, WA.
Here is a photo of John with his, at the time girlfriend and now, wife Michelle.  It was taken at a Christmas holiday party back in 1999.

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