Here is how you should vote on the initiatives on Tuesday

Hopefully I am saving you some time by posting on how I am going to vote on the initiative measures up for a vote on Tuesday in the state of Washington.  Either you think like me and trust my recommendations or you think dislike me and will vote the opposite of what I recommend.
Initiative Measure No. 900 concerns performance audits of governmental entities.
This measure would direct the State Auditor to conduct performance audits of state and local governments, and dedicate 0.16% of the state’s portion of sales and use tax collections to fund these audits.
Should this measure be enacted into law?  NO — This is a waste of tax payer money, more than the auditing would save.  This is a Tim Eyman sponsored initiative — enough said.
Initiative Measure No. 901 concerns amending the Clean Indoor Air Act by expanding smoking prohibitions.
This measure would prohibit smoking in buildings and vehicles open to the public and places of employment, including areas within 25 feet of doorways and ventilation openings unless a lesser distance is approved.
Should this measure be enacted into law? YES — It would be great to go into any club and not have to deal with smoky clothes.
Initiative Measure No. 912 concerns motor vehicle fuel taxes.
This measure would repeal motor vehicle fuel tax increases of 3 cents in 2005 and 2006, 2 cents in 2007, and 1.5 cents per gallon in 2008, enacted in 2005 for transportation purposes.
Should this measure be enacted into law? NO — Do you want roads worse than we have today?  If you vote yes then where is the money going to come from for the roads?  I know gas prices are high but repealing this tax is not the solution.
Initiative Measure No. 330 concerns claims for personal injury or death arising from health care services.
This measure would change laws governing claims for negligent health care, including restricting noneconomic damages to $350,000 (with exception), shortening time limits for filing cases, limiting repayments to insurers and limiting claimants’ attorney fees.
Should this measure be enacted into law? NO — A cap is not a good thing for those that could need it the most.  If something happened to you that was clearly wrong would you want your family to be limited in what the collect with you gone or disabled for life??
Initiative Measure No. 336 concerns medical malpractice, including insurance, health care provider licensing, and lawsuits.
This measure would require notices and hearings on insurance rate increases, establish a supplemental malpractice insurance program, require license revocation proceedings after three malpractice incidents, and limit numbers of expert witnesses in lawsuits.
Should this measure be enacted into law? NO — Stay the course.  Bad doctors are being taken care of in the current system.
Senate Joint Resolution 8207. The Legislature has proposed a constitutional amendment on qualifications for service on the Commission on Judicial Conduct.
This amendment would permit one member of the Commission on Judicial Conduct to be selected by and from the judges of all courts of limited jurisdiction.
Should this constitutional amendment be: APPROVED — No one is lobbying against this and all of your elected officials voted to bring it to a vote in the first place. 

I guess you have a day to tell me I am wrong in my comments.  Start posting!


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1 Response to Here is how you should vote on the initiatives on Tuesday

  1. Aaron says:

    I will add the postscript as a comment. I missed on one. Here were the results:I-900 56.71% For 43.29% NoI-901 63.10% For 36.89% NoI-912 45.75% For 54.24% NoI-330 44.10% For 55.90% NoI-336 40.09% For 59.90% NoSJR-8207 67.13 For 32.86% No

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