The house search is over!

I guess I have forgotten to put this in my blog.  I bought a house!  Like any big city there are areas that are truly known by the name/location and those that are not.  In my case everyone I have told seems to not know where it is but it is in Madison Valley.  Madison Valley is the area between Madison Park/the waterfront and Capitol Hill off of the street Madison, of course.  Another way to think about it is that if you are coming West across the 520 bridge and you take the first exit and go through the arboretum you end up at Madison and in the valley.  My house is only a few blocks from that location.
I take the keys on 11/22.  I really have not figured out when I will actually move in.  I still have to find and schedule the movers.  Anyone have a suggestion?  I need movers that can deal with a big screen TV.

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