Why is only your first name in the profile part on MSN spaces??

Ok I am very board so I decided to search for my name via MSN search.  First the blog does not show up on the list.  This to me tends to say that Microsoft’s search engine sucks but then I looked a bit closer at this and I think it comes down to the profile part not having your full name.  It only shows your first name.  If you do click on the profile tab you do see the full name which kind of begs the question why does the search engine crawlers not find the name there and put it in the search results?  It seems strange that this is being missed.
I am sure the MSN team has a reason why the first name is only listed but it really does not make sense at first glance.  For a long time I did not have a name in my profile but once I added it, I never noticed until now that they only list the first name.

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1 Response to Why is only your first name in the profile part on MSN spaces??

  1. basem says:

    i agree with u, but i think we have to find out about the good reasons. sure they have but we don\’t know.Eventually, ur space looks very good, congratulations.i hope that i will read ur comments on my space,,thank u Basem

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