Huskies vs. Falcons (BCA Classic)

Tuesday night found me back in Hec Ed for the third place game and also the final game of the BCA Classic.  The UW Huskies were playing the Air Force Falcons in the finals game and they actually gave the Dawgs a game to think about.  For this whole tournament I had seats in the third row on the baseline and maybe it that I still a little further back but the officials missed a lot of calls in this tournament.  In the final game the Huskies got in foul trouble and the Air Force took advantage of it.  For the whole game they were 15-16 from the charity stripe.  Air Force is coached by Jeff Bzdelik who was fired by the Denver Nuggets last year and part of his coaching philosophy is to not have his players at the line while his team is shooting free throws, even if it is a one and one situation.  At half time the Falcons were up 46-40.  The second half was a bit of a reverse where the Falcons got on foul trouble.  The Dawgs were not as great from the free throw line but getting some of the better Air Force players to the bench helped them get to a 85-74 victory and taking them 3-0 for the year.
Jacob Burtschi led the Falcons with 21 points.  Brandon Roy led the Dawgs with 27 points and 10 rebounds for a double double.  Freshman Jon Brockman had his second double double of the season with 21 points and 10 rebounds.  Brockman was named tournament MVP and Roy was named to the all tournament team.  Joel Smith came off of the bench to score 12 points.  One thing that I have forgotten to blog about the past two games is Justin Dentmon and his defense (he had 12 points as a starter in this game).  Normally the student section just yells at the top of the lungs when the Huskies are on defense.  Dentmon has a habit of yelling at the person when he is guarding the person with the ball, kind of an "ack" noise.  The students have picked up on this and do it along with him.  In many cases you do not even notice Dentmon doing it as the students are much louder.
Morgan State vs. Northern Arizona 51-71 (7th place)
UNC Greensboro vs. Texas Arlington 61-49 (5th place)
Wisconsin-Green Bay vs. Miami 54-80 (3rd place)
UW vs. Air Force 85-74 (1st place)
Aaron’s accounting of All-time record that were broken this year.
118 Washington vs. Morgan State  (most points every scored in tournament game)
Individual scoring – Single Game
27 points  Brandon Roy, Washington vs. Air Force (ties him with two others at this point total which is the fifth highest overall)
Individual rebound – Tournament (three game format)
28 Jon Brockman (5th overall)
Team Block shots – Single game
9 Washington vs. Morgan State (tied for second)

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