Huskies vs. Falcons

Well today was Apple Cup Saturday and it was good to see the Huskies win.  Ok they did not win the football game bu they did win on the basketball court.  At the game it was kind of dead.  The student section did not have as much energy and the seniors for the Dawgs seem to be playing poorly in the first half.
One of the cool things about college basketball is even if you leave your home town to play college ball at another school there is a good chance that you will at some point before you are a senior get to play back in your home town, assuming you are from an area with a college.  For example the Huskies were supposed to play a game with U. of North Carolinia this year but Marvin Williams, from Bremerton, WA, left UNC after his freshman year to be the second player taken in the draft.  Tonight the Falcons of American University were in town with two local players.  Brayden Billbe played at Mercer Island High (as did Husky Brandon Burmeister) and Garrison Carr played at Issaquah High (ad did Husky Hans Gasser). 
As I said, the Dawgs played poorly in the first half and it was 41-41 at half time.  Things were better in the second half and Brandon Roy found his game and his shot and led the Dawgs with 17 points for the game.  Andre Ingram led all scorers for the Falcons with 24 points.  Freshman Jon Brockman had 16 points for the Dawgs.  Also of note is that Ryan Appleby came off of the bench to score 14 points in 22 minutes for the Huskies.  The final score was 99-82 and include 1.5 minutes of Zane Potter time where he hit a three pointer. 
Also this was a record setting night for the Dawgs.  This was their 26th consecutive win at home which breaks their streak of 25 set back in the 1930s.  Hopefully the streak will continue when Idaho comes to town on Tuesday but they game Gonzaga a tough game the other day so it will not be a walk in the park for the Huskies.

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