Trailers before Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

My blog has become kind of boring as of late (was it ever interesting?),  I have lost track of the number of movies that I have not written about but I have seen.  Many people have already said alot about the new Harry Potter movie so I will not blog about it.  What I will blog about was the trailers that were shown before the movie.
The first was Lady in the Water which is the latest film from M. Night Shyamalan.  This was the first of many films I knew nothing about.  The trailer does not tell you much about the movie at all other than that Paul Giamatti plays a guy that makes repairs at a hotel and his name is Cleveland Heep and he finds something swimming in the pool.  This is a WB film and I am sure was tied to the fact that Harry Potter was also a Warner Brothers film.
I do not remember the order of the rest but there was Monster House which is new computer animated movie.  This was was done by Sony and it looks really fun.  The story is around a house that comes alive as a monster.  I think this one will be well liked.
The next cartoon trailer was for Happy Feet. The trailer did notthing for me.  Sure I like penguins as much as the next guy but I really do not see the point to this film.  There is just a bunch of cartoon penguins singing and dancing around.  I should note that Robin Williams is one of the voices.  This was also a WB film.
Disney got a film into the previews with The Chornicals of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I look forward to seeing how this turns out.  I hope there are good special effects.  One thought I already have is that Aslan (the Lion) looks smaller than I think he should be (he is supposed to be much larger than a normal lion).
They continue to make comic book movies and another of the Superman movies will be out in 2006.  Superman Returns looks to tell the story from the begining.  I miss Christopher Reves as Superman but this one looks like it might be good.  They do not show much of the cast in this trailer but it has a great cast.  Yes another WB film.
The other blockbuster moive trailer was for Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong.  This is on my list of movies to see and I have not gotten tired of the trailer.  I really enjoy Jack Black. 

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