Gwen Stefani concert

Monday night found me in Key Arena for the Gwen Stefani concert with MIA.  I was honestly surprised by the number of mother/daughter combinations in the crowd.  There were lots of moms with two or three junior high or younger girls in tow.  In fact it was the first show I had been to in a long time where the boys were in the minority.  MIA took the stage at 7:35 pm and played until 8:10.  I would guess about 85% of the crowd had no clue who she was.  I kid you not but this gal in front of me turn around and asked me who she was and this was right after she got done rapping where the song lyrics include "my name is MIA" at least 20 times.  Her act was disappointedly short as she has a lot more material than she played.  It was only a few shows before the Seattle date that she joined up with Gwen as she had been in South America (specifically Brazil) and Gwen had had the Black Eyed Peas with her. 
Gwen took the stage at 9 pm sharp.  She has a really cool multi-teir stage and great projection screens used to set the backdrop or project those on stage.  The face of the stage also had lights which added to the visuals.  Gwen went through many outfits throughout the show as did her dancers.  Speaking of outfits she was extremely close to a "wardrobe malfunction" on one of her first songs where she jumped up and down a few times but caught her top before it revealed all.  It was kind of a stretch to get to 10:20 pm but she did play all of the songs on our solo CD. 
All and all she is a great performer and she did a good job keeping everyone happy and involved in the show.  I was a bit surprised that she did not acknowledge or thank MIA but other than that it was a good show.
Update: I added a few photos of MIA and Gwen Stefani taken from the concert. Plus a couple with my brother from the show.

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  1. Unknown says:

    those are awesome pics. i took those pics. ergo, i\’m awesome. gross, i\’m about to get a dirty towel. gross. i\’m awesome.

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