Let’s tax gas saving cars more!

While driving around today I head the story about how the US Chamber of Commerce has on its list of proposals the idea that we should tax owners of hybrids and other fuel-efficient vehicles because they use less gas and hence pay less tax and in the process there is less money for roads.  I really do not understand this at all.  Why would the government give tax breaks to people with these vehicles if in return they are now thinking about taxing them more??  Personally I like to thank those that use these vechicles and are making the environment a better place.  If they made a cool looking one I am sure I would make it my next car purchase.
If more tax is need.  Bring in more tolls or raise the car tabs.  Do not penalize those that have opted for more efficent vehicles.  How come they do not have motorcyles on the list?

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1 Response to Let’s tax gas saving cars more!

  1. Maurice says:

    You can bet big oil is behind this. They are simply trying to discourage people from buying fuel efficient cars so that they can maintain their obscene profits.

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