blast from the past — M’s ticket prices

As I said in another post I have been going through some old boxes of stuff that I had packed up and I found some old ticket stubs for M’s games.  I have fond memories from my college days taking the bus down from the UW to take in a game and of sitting in left center field in general admission seats where we could yell down at Ken Griffey Jr. and if we were lucky he would throw a ball to us at the end of warm up tosses between innings or after he made the third out of an inning.  I found a ticket stub of an April game in 1993 when the M’s played the Yankees.  The price of the ticket was $4 to sit in the outfield in GA seats.  For 2006 if you got season tickets in the limited 100 level outfield seats they would be $20 a game.  I believe that single game tickets are actually a few dollars more.
In 1995 I was sitting 11 rows up and about even with first base and as a season ticket holder (well I was sharing season tickets) the face price on the tickets were $18.  In 2006 and actually the same price for the last few years the season ticket holder price is $38 (but to sit about this close you might have to have paid for charter seats which would have been about $12 more a game).  I believe single game seats are $50 to sit this close.
I should not that the cheepest season ticket for the M’s in 2006 is the two hundred level left field seats at $13 a game.  I believe they still have center field top level bleachers for $6 or $7 that are single game only.

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