Seahawks vs. Giants

Wow what a game!  This was only my third Seahawks game I have ever been to in Quest field and I think my fifth or sixth game ever for the Seahawks.  I took my dad and we went and sat in a nice club suite the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  The suites themselves are all open and we could lean back in the suite and feel the warm air and then lean forward and yell out in the cold air.  Let me say boy was the game loud.  It is no surpise that the Giants had so many false start penelties.  You really could not hear.  If you missed the game the Giants kicker missed a field goal at the very end which would have given them the win and then he went on to miss two in the sudden death overtime.  What a bad day for Jay Feely but not that bad as the Seahawks got the victory 24-21 (OT)!
The Giants are a good team.  Tiki Barber rushed for 151 yards and Jeremy Shockey had 127 yard recieving.  Sean Alexander got his 100+ yards for the Seahawks but not until OT and he ended with 110.  Joe Jurevicius had 137 yards recieving.  This had to have been one of the longest Seahawks games because there was only 3:20 in the OT period when the Seahawks kicked the winning field goal.  The game was so long that I opted not to make it a double header so I missed the T-Birds hockey game that same day.
Next up the Seahawks will be on Monday night football.  Go Hawks!!!

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