Sonics vs. Cavaliers

Well if Wednesday night’s game against the Bobcats has one of the worst team in town with good young players then the game last Friday night had a much better team with a great young player with LeBon James and the Clevland Cavaliers in town.  Like last year he did not disappoint and but he did not play as well as last year if I recall but then again he did keep the game closer this year.  The Sonics won with a final score of 115-108.  The story of the game was not King James and his 34 points but Ronald "Flip" Murray coming off of the bench to score 24 points and 24 minutes for the Sonics.  By far he had the best game of the year and also all of last season.  I cannot remember him have such a good game unless it was two years ago when Ray Allen was out hurt.  Reshard Lewis led the Sonics in points with 26. 
It was good to see Danny Fortson back out on the court and he was causing problems but I do not think he should have been tossed fromt he game as he was.  That is Fortson’s style however and if he can mess with the heads of the players on the other team (physically and mentally) then I say go right ahead.  While the crowd was big I was surprised that the place was not full.  The Sonics need to get better I guess before we return to attendence like they started to get toward the end of last year.
The Sonics with the win move to 7-8 and the Cavs moved to 10-5.

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