Today for the life of me I could not figure out why the flags were at half mast.  It finally dawned on me that today was the day that will live in infamy; Pearl Harbor day.  I have not had the chance to visit Hawaii but I have to believe that it is very somber.  Even if Hollywood via Jerry Bruckheimer/Micheal Bay’s film did half the justice of what happened in 1941 on that Sunday morning it must have been an insane day.
In college I have to admit we kind of abused this day.  By this point in the quarter we were near finals and they would lock the doors to our balcony in the residence hall so we would not be out there yelling or whatever while people were trying to study (also for the fear that people might jump off to commit suicide if things were not going well for them in their studies) but my clustermates and I went down to petition the hall council to first fund a BBQ for us so we could remember this day and in the process they would unlock our balcony to allow us to do the cooking.  Two years they forgot to lock it back up and we were able to at least relax out there while most other people could not.  I do feel bad about deceiving our fellow dorm residents but we did take time to remember those that had fallen in war and family members who had protected the US.  My grandfather (on my father’s side) was in Germany in World War two, both of my mom’s brothers were in the miitary as were a few cousins.  While it is not veterns’ day or arm forces day my thoughts do go out to all of those that are serving or have served in the armed forces for the USA.

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