I-901 in action at Deck the Hall Ball

Yesterday was the first day of Initiative 901 being in effect in Washington State.  This is the new clean air act that requires smoking only within 25 feet of a building.  It was so great to be at the KNDD 107.7 Deck the Hall Ball concert in the Showbox and not have to move because someone was blowing smoke my way or even picking up my coat from coat check after the show and have it smell of smoke. 
Statements have been made that it will be overturned in six months or less and if that is the case I will enjoy it while it lasts.  It seems strange that a state like California can have a law like this on the books but other states have had problems. 
As for the show itself it was fun.  XBOX was a sponsor and they had some 360s running with nice displays but I never went over to really check them out.  The Saturday Knights is a rap act and they when on about 15-20 minutes before they were supposed to so I think many people missed out on seeing them.  This was personally my first time I had seen them play and I am not sure if they really were in their element.  I think that they can be successful if they stay serious in their craft.  Aqueduct always has a good time but their set was short.  I hope they are working on some new stuff because even if they played everything you can currently buy on CDs I guess they really would not have all that much more to play.  Harvey Danger broke out a lot of their new stuff which was good because I had been kind of missing out on see it in the few shows that they have done it in so far.  They also played a Christmas song which they mentioned that is going to be part of the KING 5 Chirstmas in the Northwest TV show.  It is good to see that they are making a return.  Five years between records is a long time.  Last up was now Grammy nominee, Death Cab for Cutie.  I guess they played a holiday song if you include New Year which they actually played early in their set.  I was glad that they really did not dominate their set with all new songs.  Coming off of their tour for the new album it was good to see them mix it up a bit in front of the home town crowd.
I guess I should also mention that this was a benefit show for the Vera Project.  The KNDD morning show has done a great job with their live CDs and their weekly on-line auctions.  Kudos to DJ No Name and Miss Jennifer White as they really topped their goal and gave the Vera Project a check for $77000.

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