Sonics vs. Knicks

Well all I can say is that I am still pissed about this game.  Last Tuesday night I went to see the Sonics play the Knicks.  Nate Robinson who I had really enjoyed playing for the UW was in town and got the start for the Knicks.  The Sonics got out to an early lead.  Their lead was so big that they played their draft pick from last year Robert Swift.  While he is over seven foot he is still only 19 years old and looks lost out on the court.  He got dunked on by ex-Sonic and now Knick Jeoreme James who Swift spent a lot of time sitting on the bench next too last year.  He also missed a dunk when he could have just brought a rebound down and put it back up.  For the life of me I could not figure out why Swift was out on the court at the begining of the third quarter.  After the game we found out why.  Reggie Evans was stuck in the locker room until he could piss in a cup for a drug test.  The NBA has changed its drug testing policy this year and they can test more than they have in the past.  It seems like an odd time to test a player considering you might not have a lot of fluids in you if you have just given it all out on the court for 24 minutes.  He did not return until only a few minutes left in the third quarter.  The Sonics coach claims it did not break up the team rythem but I think others would disagree.  The NBA came down hard on anyone on the team that talked about the testing policy but they did make one change and in the future the NBA will only test before or after a game.  Little good this did the Sonics after the fact.
I guess I have not written that the Sonics lost the game 104-101.  Jamal Crawford went off of the Knicks and scored 31 points off of the bench all in the second half!  Crawford grew up and played in Seattle along with Nate Robinson.  On that same day he had a court that they paid for dedicated in his name at the high school he played at.  On the Sonics side Ray Allen shot poorly (9-28, 3-12, 4-4) and led the team with 25.  Radmanovic ralleyed to try and keep the Sonics in the game in the second half and coming off the bench for the game he had 23.
The Sonics fall to 8-9 for the year.  The Knicks move to 6-11.  While it was cool to see Nate play I have to say that I did boo him once he was in the game (yes he no longer plays for "my" team).  He had 10 points in the game and did well on defense. 

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