Wine tasting at E.B. Foote

Every big charity auction I seem to see a wine tasting at E.B. Foote on at least the silent auction list of things to bid on.  I actually bid on such a tasting a couple of years ago and with the certificate expiring at the end of the year I did my tasting last Wednesday.
E.B Foote is a small winery near the SeaTac airport.  All of their grapes are grown in Eastern Washington and they are a very homespun winery and they little to none automated processes in their wine creation.  Their winery is in the basement like area of a stripmall.  Much of their sales come from people who visit via a tasting from an auction.  You can also call up and host your own even.  I think it is only $9 a head and for that price I believe you get the same deal we had which was meat, cheese, and chocolate along with the tasting of six different wines plus an optional seventh.  Outside of the winery they really do not sell their wine at many places or have it served at many resturants. 
I think and hope everyone had a fun time.  I really did not taste a wine that I did not enjoy.  One thing about their winery is that they believe in consumption now.  You did not need to wait for a wine to mature.  Most of their wines have scores in the high 80s and low 90s.  They do give you a break on case purchases where they allow you to mix and match so I walked away from some good wine and look forward to the good times that should follow.  One thing they said from their studies was that wine is consumed 90 minutes from purchase which led them to the idea to make wines for drinking now.
I encourage you to check them out.  They have fun events year round and even have a little theatre that will perform at their winery so you could get a cheap show along with a fun time drinking wine.

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