Lost all of my lists from 2005 :(

Crap!  I thought I was just doing layout changes from my site but instead of just moving my custom lists off of the front of my blog I instead just deleted all of my custom lists from 2005 😦  I am going to say that MSN Spaces sucks for this and I wish they would have at least giving me a warning that customizing my site and when you select delete module would delete the list and not just move it from being visable on the front page of your site.  This really sucks.  I now have no record of the movies, or concerts I went to in 2005 along with the books I read.  Unfortunately there is no way in MSN space to do a restore.  😦

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2 Responses to Lost all of my lists from 2005 :(

  1. Chris says:

    That is too lame. I would have expected it to just delete the module too.I thought maybe my IE cache would have a version of the page, but of course by coming to your site it was overwritten.Behold, the power of Google. It had a cached version of your site. MSN Search did not have anything cached for your front page, just one of your entries (dumb). You owe me one butt-saving.Something I wish MSN Spaces had is some API\’s or web services. I have my movie and music lists in Excel and it would be a big time saver to to publish from Excel to my site (or vice-versa).I hope we see some SharePoint-like features in future version of MSN Spaces, or Windows Live Spaces, or whatever they are going to end up calling it.

  2. Adam says:

    And that\’s why testers get paid (or should get paid) the big bucks. Cuz bugs suck!

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