For today, Google rules

Yesterday I wrote how MSN spaces sucks because all of my custom lists went away without any way to recover them.  Thanks to TheHypnotoad‘s suggestion I want and Google had cached my site and because of this my lists.  I am going to bring them back.  I hate the fact that they will be on the front page of the blog site but if most people read via RSS they will not care anyway.  Here come the custom lists.  For today, Google rules!

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  1. Unknown says:

    I hope they enjoyed it while it lasted 🙂 The wayback machine from can sometimes be super useful here, too. It seems kind of hit or miss for predicting when google\’s cache can save you vs. when the wayback machine will. I do this cool IE autosearch thing related to this that you might dig.1) Create a reg key like:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\SearchUrl\\a2) Give it the default (REG_SZ) value:*/%s3) Add other string values under that key for other characters you\’d like URL encoded (" " = "+", etc.). Now if you ever go to a webpage that gives you a 404 or that you want the wayback page for, you can just change the address in the address bar so it\’s preceeded by "a " and it\’ll take you to the wayback machine version of that page. Slick, no? See also:

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