Coldplay concert at Key Arena

Wednesday night (1/25) Lanie and I went to see Fiona Apple and Coldplay at Key Arena.  We had started the night off at Sport restaurant and I was kind of surprised that in the restaurant area they were playing the current Coldplay concert DVD on all of the TVs.  It was kind of fun to get in the mood for the show.  Lanie had never been there and she actually have never been to Key Arena.  Hopefully soon she will get out more as she has lived in Seattle for awhile now and living in Washington all of her life (other than college) she has had plenty of chances to be in the big city. 
The show itself was fun.  We got to the show about 10 minutes late and at the end of Fiona’s set I really felt like I wanted more.  She played for about 45 minutes.  I made a mental note to try and catch her the next time she comes through town.  Coldplay is starting a new leg of their North American tour with this show and they let us know that they had been hanging out in town for the last four days before the concert.  The show itself was a lot like their show they did this summer at White River. For "Yellow" they dropped the beach balls filled with gold confetti.  They did the same two Johnny Cash covers that they did this summer.  Much of the video was the same but a lot less of it other than for the most part the big screens behind their equipment.  It was still a good show.  There was one b-side song (I am bad with song names so I do not remember it) which was new to the setlist.  We were however 27 rows back on the floor which made it a bit hard to see at times.  At the show we met up with my old roommate Erik and his high school friend Michelle.  One of the things that was kind of a bummer was the girl behind Michelle was very drunk and she ended up throwing up.  The funny thing was that this gal turn and kissed the guy on her right but the guy on her left was her boyfriend.  Needless to say the boyfriend was not happy nor was the guy that had been kissed by a gal who had recently thrown up.  At least three times during the show the band did point out that Seattle was going to play in the Superbowl which was kind of fun.  Like White River, Chris went out in the crowd before the final song and instead of running up a hill onto the grass he when to the back of the area, furthest from the stage and ran up about 20 rows.
All and all it was a good show.  I turned to Erik about half way through and pointed out that it seemed like everyone around us was a couple which is always a strange thing given that neither of us was on a date or anything and just out with friends.

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