I finally got a XBOX 360!

I had been running .NET 2.0 app from http://untitlednet.com that lets you enter your zip code and then it queries the inventories of the nearest Best Buy and Circuit City stores (it really is a cool app and it can send you email or text messages when it finds one for you).  Last Wednesday the app let me know that both the Bellevue and Southcenter Best Buys had 360s in stock.  I could not get away and I called my brother who is currently on a contract job on Microsoft’s main campus and he rushed on over. Guys were walking out with white boxes but they told him he was too late when he got to the door.  Thursday I was running a bit late to work and the app fired again and this time told me the Northgate and Lynnwood Best Buy stores had 360s in stock.  I quickly called the Northgate store and they told me that they did not think they did have any but I drove up there anyway.  When I got I asked the greeter guy and he said they had given out numbers for all they had but I could take a chance and just get in the checkout line.  There were about seven people ahead of me and it was clear that not everyone was buying a XBOX.  One the guys working the cash register came up and asked who was there to buy a 360 and about five of us raised our hands.  Three guys still had numbers and two of us did not but he told us not to worry that they had at least eight left!
You will notice that I have added my gamer profile to my MSN Space.  They just added support to do this on Friday.  You can now see what games I have been playing on the XBOX 360 along with my gamer score and achievements.  If you are looking for a friend on XBOX live just add a comment to this blog entry with your gamer tag and I will send you a friend request (or just send me one as you can see my gamer tag).
So far so good with the 360.  I am running the Microsoft One Care beta and I had to go into its firewall and grant access for the TCP and UDP ports so that Windows Media connect could connect to my 360.  The only other problem is that today after a few days of playing I am starting to get disc errors with one of my games.  It looks like it might be getting scratched and since it has only been in the console itself I worry that it might be a DVD drive problem — stay tune on that.  I love the wireless controller and I love the live arcade games and there are some great ones to download.

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  1. Jarem says:

    Hey! Thanks for trying out my application. I\’m really glad it worked for you!

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