RIP Eric

I found out this weekend that someone I worked with a few years ago had died.  Eric Snyder was a cool guy.  When we were working for the same company we would talk all of the time.  I remember when he came down with a bunch of us on his first trip to Vegas.  He was on the low budget plan and ended up sleeping on a couch in the hotel room.  I think he had the most of fun of any of us that trip although he came home a few hundred less than what he went down with. 
It really is a shame that he is no longer with us.  Attached is a photo of Eric from a prefunct that I hosted in a hotel room before a divisional Christmas party in 1999.

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2 Responses to RIP Eric

  1. LegoHamlet says:

    This is tragic news.  In the last couple years I ran into Eric several times at restaurants or bars around town.  This is very sad.  I remember that pre-func as well.  We all had a great time.

  2. Treasa says:

    Hi.  I\’m Eric\’s mother, Terry.  I found your blog while searching for something else and and had to check it.  When I saw the photo of you and Eric then I knew that you were referring to my son,  Eric Snyder since there seems to be quite a few of them.  The suddeness of Eric\’s death has really shaken the whole family but I\’m taking great comfort in knowing how much he was liked and regarded and has been remembered by so many people in ways like this. Thank you for honoring him in this way.

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