2005 Hutch Award Luncheon

Last Wednesday after months of planning it was time for the 2005 Hutch Award Luncheon.  As I blogged about earlier Johnny Bench was the keynote speaker and Criag Biggio was the 2005 award winner.  The luncheon itself was great.  It was a bit on the cold side but we had the tall warmers and we had the chemical hand warmers for each person if they needed them.  I was able to get baseballs autographed by Bench and Biggio.  I also got my picture taken with them at the VIP event before the luncheon (the picture should be with this blog entry).
Overall we raised the most money ever for the lucheon — over $300,000 and we also had over 1000 people in attendence at Safeco field.  That money will be put to good use for early detection cancer research.  Bench was a great speaker and I found Biggio to be a really great guy.
There were lots of ex-M’s in attendence.  Fox Sport NW Bill Kruger made the comment that he wished he could have pitched Safeco and that he would have struck out a lot of batter there going low and away with two strikes.  He kind of poked fun at Jamie Moyer and Dan Wilson for their play calling.  It was good to see John Olerud at the event (he and Moyer are both previous award winners) now that he is retired from baseball. 

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