The Wedding Singer — the musical

Saturday afternoon we went and saw a preview showing of the musical "The Wedding Singer".  I have to say the show was really fun, funny, and very true to the 80’s and had the spirit of the movie staring Adam Sandler with the same name.  The Wedding Singer is playing at the 5th Avenue Theatre in downtown Seattle.  This is the world premiere.  It started in previews on 1/31 and goes to 2/7.  It then has it’s Seattle run 2/8-2/19 and will next make it’s way to Broadway in NYC at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre (previews starting 3/30/06 and opening night 4/27/06).
All of the music is original except for two of Adam Sandler’s songs from the movie (one when he is depressed after being left at the alter and the other when he wins back the girl in the end — I assume I am not ruining the plot for anyone as the movie has been out for eight years).  There are some great rap numbers — you do not think they would not have the rapping granny did you?  The numbers with the actor Kevin Cahoon, who plays George (the Boy George wanna-be) were instant classics. 
While previews are works in progress as is most of the run in Seattle I really could not find any big faults with the show.  It had great flow with no dead spots.  I think some of the humor in the songs might have been lost a bit and sometimes I think the crowd was still laughing at the last joke that the dialog for the next joke was lost.  One of my favorite 80’s moments where the scenes with Robbie Hart’s (Stephen Lynch) ex-fiance, Linda, played by Felica Finley.  She totally reminded me of a blonde model in a White Snake video on MTV.
One thing to note is that while it was a packed house with a mix of young and old there is some adult content in the musical.  I went and looked up the rating on the film and it was PG-13 and that makes sense to me as a rating for this musical also.  I think the women in the audiance enjoyed it more than the men because they seem to laugh more but if you are a fan of the film or want to remember the 80’s I really would encourage you to check it out before it leaves Seattle.

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