Husky basketball (UCLA game)

While I have attended every home game basketball for the University of Washington Men’s team this year I really have not been doing much in the way of a game by game write up.  The thing about this team is that they are very young.  It has been frustrating in the sense that they have been ranked in the top 10 for most of the year when in fact they really did not seem like a top 10 team and you just knew that sooner than later they were going to lose some games that prove this to be true.  The bummers have been two losses to WSU (and with a loss in football this year it has been almost forever since this happened in the same year).  Being young they have made mistakes like blowing the game at Stanford.  Today’s game was fun and they beat yet another top 25 team in UCLA and in the process have beating UCLA the last three times they have played them (something that has not happened in many, many years).  Both teams played very phyical and there were many fouls called in the game.  Sine the game was on ABC TV for a national broadcast the game dragged on.  The offical time outs were longer than normal which in my opinion kept UCLA in the game.  The Huskies tried to blow the game (some of that youth was showing) but they did hold on and won 70-67.  The Huskies are keeping their NCAA bid alive but they will need to do well in the Pac-10 tournament along with finishing strong in their last set of games. 
It would be great to have them in the tournament again and next year they will be a much better team although they will be losing some good seniors this year.

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