Snow on Valentine’s Day in Seattle??

Well as far as I know it will not be snowing in Seattle today but at 10 pm the day before there was rain mixed with snow at my house.  This was after a big clp of thunder so maybe it was just being in the right area at the right time but it was in the high 30s so you would not think it would snow.
Crazy weather.  I have wondered if I would get snow here at my new place because I am kind of close to the water and Seattle, proper, does not get a lot of snow in general.  I guess time will tell but it would have been great to have snow on Valentine’s Day.
Update:  It looks like parts of Seattle (or at least North of Seattle) did wake with snow on the ground today.  I guess you can get snow on Valentine’s day in Seattle.
PS.  Happy Valentines Day to the ladies that read my blog (all two or three of you even though you never comment in my blog). 

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